It’s Your Choice

Your Choice

Last month I was in an all-day personal development workshop. We had just finished an exercise on making a choice between two scenarios. There were 4 sets of questions. I found three of them to be easy to answer and one took extra thought. It became interesting when the others in the workshop shared their responses. Although I didn’t always agree with them; I found new understanding by hearing their perspective.

One of the keys to the segment was that we DO have the choice to decide the direction we take each and every day. It is up to us to choose… or not choose and live with the consequences.

I never realized that this exercise would play out in real life within 15 minutes after we finished. It was time for a lunch break. We were asked to eat with the small groups that we were in. The event was being held at the Conference center connected to the Florida Mall in Orlando. Imagine – Sunday – lunch in the food court. Yes, it was beyond loud – many children crying, screaming, people yelling, music….deafening.

My group had found a table right in the middle. They had gone outside, but had decided to come in because of the bugs. I was in a long line waiting for a great salad at Ugrean. I wanted to go outside and not eat inside the havoc of the mall.

It was a choice – and it was up to me.

I sat down with the group. I couldn’t eat. I was so preoccupied with the noise and what I wanted to do. I was encouraged to eat with the group….but on the other hand, I was reminded of the exercise….it was my choice.

I quietly explained that I was sorry, but needed to go outside. I said I understood if they didn’t want to join me. I stood up and headed for the door.

Did you ever do something and KNOW it was the right decision?? I knew as soon as I stepped outside….Pharrell Williams “Happy” was playing! A coincidence?? I don’t think so. That is the song I listen to in the morning while I read my affirmations to set my day on the right path!!! As the song played, I smiled… and before it was done the group had joined me at the table!

What have you been putting off? Not making a decision IS a decision. It takes courage sometimes to take that first step. Remember, this is NOT a dress rehearsal…this is your life….it’s the only one you’ll live….so, I want to encourage you to make the most of everyday…make those important choices to create the life you want!
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