Earth: It’s A Big Magnet

We live on it everyday. 

There’s a north and south pole. But most of us don’t spend the majority of our days on the earth’s surface. Instead, we are usually inside buildings,  cars, our homes, all of these places away from direct contact with the earth.

Don’t you feel better when you are walking outside in nature or near the ocean?

When we are in our cars or homes or offices, our bodies are surrounded by energies that are not in alignment with our natural energy. What do these energies do? They deplete our bodies. Add to that, our current society’s drive to carry cell phones and to wear electronic devices. These suck energy from your body. What we are offering are solutions that supports your body.


nikken earth magnetic energy insoles balance flexibility improved sleep groundingnikken earth magnetic energy insoles balance flexibility improved sleep grounding 

Are there ways to get that natural energy when we are away from the earth’s surface?

The answers came from NASA.

Scientists found the first astronauts bodies were breaking down having been away from the earth’s magnetic field. They were unable to walk and needed to be rolled out of the shuttle by stretchers. Research determined that by installing the simulation of a magnetic field in the shuttle, the astronaut’s bodies no longer broke down while in space. Problem solved!

nikken earth magnetic energy insoles balance flexibility improved sleep grounding

How do we keep that good energy surrounding us?

Just like a birdhouse is designed to keep its owners warm, dry and protected, the Wellness Home is an environment protecting it’s owners from harm, namely sickness & stress.

Incorporating the good energies into our homes, the extra benefit is our Wellness Homes can travel, continuing that protection and support in the car, work or at school!