Self Care Tool Box

The toolbox above was my father-in-law’s.  It’s traveled many miles and has carried many tools. Depending on job of the day, he would switch out the tools he needed to fix the problem.

Below are links to the tools I use on a daily basis.  Some I use everyday, like the insoles, necklace, powerbands, supplements, skin and hair care products. Others I use when needed for instance the CM cream and support wraps when I’ve gardened too much or take extra immunity before and after a trip.

nikken magnetic insoles energy balance support self care toolbox
massage energy less stress nikken far infrared ionic relax energize increase flexibility
Magnetic products
far infrared - soothing termperature control energy less stress nikken far infrared
Support wraps
improve flexibility mobility sore joints energy less stress nikken magnetic
CM soothing cream
organic ecocert skin care serum anti-aging toner milk cleanser intensive cream night cream youthful skin nikken
Skin care
nikken pH balanced magnetic clean scalp stimulate hair growth
Hair care