Life Is A Balancing Act

Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is. If you are a good person, the more money you have, the more GOOD you can and will do. I grew up most of my life in a single parent home. My mother worked two jobs to keep food on the table for my sister and me. Times were tough, but we didn’t want for much. We learned to not spend money on items we didn’t need and opened our own savings accounts when we started our first jobs at 14 years old. We learned the value of hard work and I followed the path of getting a college degree and then a job. Trading my time for money is what I was taught. I got a good job and spent the last 29 years trading my time for that all-important dollar; sometimes at the detriment of important events (including weekends, holidays and nights).  My journey took me down a path that brought me here – valuing life, balancing work and a part-time business. After saving and devoting  29 years to a single company, I was informed in late September of 2016 that my job was being eliminated.  I could look for another position but in the meantime needed to spend four months training those that were taking over!

nikken lifestyle solutions entrepreneur gig ecomony self-employed income

Fortunately,  I learned about being an entrepreneur, initially from my Grandfather who had more than one iron in the fire.  Again, my health and recovery serendipitously introduced me to a way to earn additional income, follow a structure and work as part of a team.  I was encouraged, supported and recognized for my efforts and I could recognize and empower others as well! This enabled me to have peace of mind when I completed my last day in the office late January 2017 and transitioned full-time to my business.

A new way of thinking

Were you taught the following: Go to school, get good grades and get a job. Well, we are not the 1980’s anymore! We live now in a global economy that is connected through the internet – we can converse through video even on our phones halfway across the globe! People are moving from job to job and many have multiple positions. It is an environment that has been coined the “gig economy” where people are constantly shifting positions – with statistics showing by the year 2020 40% of the population will be part of this sector.

This was not what I was taught in school; it is a new way of thinking.

nikken lifestyle solutions entrepreneur gig ecomony self-employed income self-motivated

If any of the above words speak to you and the direction you want for your future, please listen to this short conversation I had recently:

This is a deeper conversation as it relates to the Gig economy and the direction it can have in your life:

At this point would you like to learn more? I do have openings on my team for people who are self-motivated, coachable, have integrity, committed  to help other people and are interested in improving their health and the health of others. As I said on the home screen, I was given this gift twenty years ago and I am paying it forward – by sharing these incredible products that changed my life and this business that may be offering you a life-saving solution that you need. We are playing a game of checkers — I have just made a move on the board. It is now your turn… are you ready to make that change in your life?

Learn about my team and what your next step would be by clicking on the board below:

nikken lifestyle solutions entrepreneur gig ecomony self-employed income self-motivated