A Better Body

Govin’s Story

We’ve all heard that eating better, drinking water and exercises are the keys to losing weight.

But do you believe that? In 7 months, Govin lost 45 pounds and now is healthy, active and happier. He did it through exercise, watching what he ate and drinking water.

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Is he the only one?

No there are hundreds and thousands of people, you might have seen some on TV. Have you watched the biggest loser? Or Extreme Weight Loss ? Most of the changes that have to happen come from within before you see the change in the body from the outside.

So too with my sister, Laurie. Exercise, Nutrition, and Water, are the three keys for her transformation. (After of course, she decided to do it.) She has been able to shed those excess pounds, feel better at work and at home utilizing the solutions below.

It’s just a decision. Are you ready to make yours?

Suzanne’s Solution For A Better Body

If you want to exercise but are hampered by a sore knee, back or other body part, I encourage you to check out the Self care toolbox and see what items might be the best place to start for you!

Every body can benefit from better water and better food choices like Govin and Laurie chose.  Our Vital Balance will start your day off on the right foot with nutrients for our brain and Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO and no added sugar.

Click the images below to visit my shop, if you have any questions feel free to contact me here.

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Remember… you only have one body and it will run better and longer on premium fuel !

~ Suzanne