Flu Shot In-Effectiveness??

How Important is Effectiveness?

Have you heard that the current Flu Shot’s is only 10% effective?!!

Would you purchase a car with brakes rated at a 10% chance of stopping? Would you invest in a new roof that has only 10% chance of keeping the rain out of your house? Probably not.

Me neither… especially now as the stresses and strains of the Holidays combine with the annual influx of winter colds.

I  start my day with Ciaga®ᵛ all year long, while other customers try this all-natural, certified-organic, 100% juice drink for the first time during the winter months.

The ‘V’ in Ciaga®ᵛdenotes its vital, select group of fruits chosen for their nutrients and beneficial characteristics – and for vitality. Let’s face, I need some extra vitality at this time of year- do you?!

Ciaga®ᵛ unique formulation

The foundation of Ciaga®ᵛ is the Organic Maqui-Acai fruit blend. Science has discovered that the Maqui Berry, Acai Berry and Grape Seed Extract have some of the highest ORAC (antioxidant) values of any fruit – giving Ciaga®ᵛ an ORAC* rating of more than 1500 units per 30ml. The Maqui and Acai Berry fusion also has very high levels of phenols and anthocyanins which, more importantly combined with other berries and extracts, give the remarkable blend of nutrients that Ciaga®ᵛ affords.

Natural in every way

Ciaga®ᵛ is an all-natural, certified-organic by the Soil Association, 100% juice drink with no added preservatives and a naturally sweet flavor. First, the organic, fresh foods in Ciaga®ᵛ are harvested at the peak of their growth cycle. Next, no pesticides are used in the growing or processing. Additionally, no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors are added. Finally, flash sterilizing and aseptic bottling allow Ciaga®ᵛ to be prepared without prolonged pasteurization, to preserve the natural nutrients.

From the developer:

Here is a live recording of the Developer of this amazing product. The first 11 minutes are focused on Ciaga:

Avoid the Flu

Want a better than 10% chance of staying healthy and avoiding the flu this winter??  I recommend  1 ounce of  Ciaga®ᵛ  alone or add it to a KVB Smoothie each day, everyday!


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