How To Make Corrections When Taken Off Course

Welcome to my blog! I hope you find my insights enlightening and enjoyable; what you’ll notice is I use a lot of metaphors to get my points across.

Are you taken off course?

As I am writing this, the wind is blowing and I’m waiting patiently for internet access to be restored.  It reminds me of being on the road last week with heavy winds. I had a destination, but I was constantly being taken off course. I had to continually make small and sometimes not so small corrections by turning that steering wheel. There were a number of times when I was caught off guard. Did I give up and just pull off the road and say “I can’t go further?!” No, I was going to get home by taking my time, focusing and was preparing for the next gust of wind.

This could be what you experience in your daily life regarding your health. Hourly, daily or weekly shifts or setbacks that keep pushing you off your course. Perhaps your goal to get in better shape this year, get more sleep, start a new form of exercise, join a new group to meet new friends. Maybe you have a goal to improve your financial health by paying off some debt, find a second job or that new career.

dispair life changes disaster stay on course

Same wind blows on us all

Each one of us have “winds” that blow on us each day to take us off course. Perhaps you wake up not feeling great, it was another sleepless night. You were woken by children crying, partners snoring or pets looking for attention. All of these interruptions impacted your night’s rest. However, you most likely had to get up and start your day! It might be the change of the seasons that is affecting you…causing you to make small adjustments in your routine – perhaps you aren’t able to enjoy your morning walks due to the pollen.  Unforeseen issues came up at work and you aren’t able to leave on time to get to the gym for your workout.

gratitude thankful attitude

Your attitude makes all the difference!

If this is just a “one day affair” – no big deal, right?! But we all know, there might be another storm brewing that will take you off course tomorrow. So, how do you keep that car on the road? For me, it’s all about how to address the “wind” – it’s all in my attitude! Do I react to it or do I respond to it?? Reacting is generally negative, while responding is positive. It’s just like my driving scenario. Gentle adjustments represent responding to what’s happening to me versus letting the wind blow and blow and then make a very sharp turn of the wheel (which doesn’t work too well going 65 mph)!

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

So here’s a simple idea to get you back on track and make those small inner adjustments.

www = what went well

It’s an easy way to remember to be thankful – by doing so, you’ll literally shift your feelings inside to a better place. Helping you stay on course.

gratitude thankful attitude

Just think of 1 or 2 things; it doesn’t have to be a long list! For example:

“I am so glad that I have a home and bed to sleep in and that my pet is ready to start their day!”

“It’s great to see the trees In bloom, a season of new beginnings, I’m glad I can do some exercises inside instead!”

“Although we didn’t get the problem solved I have a great team to work with. We accomplished a lot today!”

I encourage you to do this when you feel that frustration, anger, annoyance come up; that inner voice starting to say…..”Why can’t I ever….”  Give it a try, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You get further down the road; with perhaps a smile as well!

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