Taking a trip?

 Travel Tips for Good Nutrition

Are you looking forward to an upcoming trip with trepidation? Perhaps you’ve been making time to exercise and eat well and you are seeing results. Now you are headed on a business trip, long days in the airport and a week in hotels with meetings and dinner events. How will you continue to make progress?? Even with a decent continental breakfast in the hotel, you know you’ll end up gaining weight due to the change in diet and less exercise.

Or perhaps you are going to visit friends or family. They don’t have the same eating schedule or diet as you. You have been making good changes in your diet lately and you don’t want to slip backwards.

How about packing your good nutrition with you!

You are probably saying “Only if it’s simple and easy!”

I just returned from a 7 day trip – part pleasure – part business and I DID pack my nutrition with me! It’s called Everyday Organic Weight Management — it’s about providing a healthy way to have organic solutions to keep you energized, focused and full.

organic paleo moringa monk fruit matcha

Starting at the airport, I was able to make a great breakfast with my Kenzen Vital Balance and had a Paleo Bar on the plane. The Kenzen Detox & Cleanse along with the 4-20 Digestion supported the restaurant meals and the Organic Matcha Ten-4 Green Tea gave me sustained energy during the conference at the end of the week. Including a fresh salad with the Vital Balance shakes gave the balance I needed to keep me on course….

Oh yeah, it’s also affordable too!  Below is a way to save 25% as a customer:

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