Got Energy?

A natural solution to sustained energy

“America Runs on Dunkins” — in New England there’s at least one DD in most cities….on busy corners and streets and even Gronk is enjoying his Dunks!

Gronkowski Dunkin Donuts DD Patriots

Well, as great as their coffee is, there’s a definite “up” and then most likely a crash….until you swing through the drive thru for number 2…and then number 3….etc…. Is there another way??   YES – it’s call Matcha Tea

It can be enjoyed cold or warm. It has a number of health benefits.

Here are just a few:
If you’d like more info, click below:

Since it is 10/4, I thought I’d write this quick post to introduce you to our version of Matcha — called Ten4 — to be enjoyed between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM  !!!

Ready to learn more about Ten4 or try it out please click on the picture:

matcha energy caffeine organic


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