Better Sleep

The Best Night Sleep You Never Had 

Do you have trouble catching a full night sleep each and every night?

Are you like so many people who can’t remember the last time they had a great night sleep?

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Was it days, weeks, months or maybe even years?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above…. please read on.

Each day that you don’t get a good restorative sleep you start your next day with yesterday’s baggage.

tired stressed exhausted better sleep nikken

Your sleep environment can change your life;  It can support you or hurt you.

A Few Of The Benefits

Getting good  sleep each night will cause your body to lose unneeded weight. You will immediately have more energy throughout your day. If you are an athlete, it will help you recover and maintain peak performance. 

A good night’s sleep is where your body recharges.  

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Cell Phone Analogy

What happens if you don’t plug your cell phone in every night? 

How long will it last that next day? (If it’s like mine…not very long!) This is exactly how your body reacts to not getting a good night’s sleep! 

What if you use a charger not meant for your phone…it doesn’t charge as fully or quickly as it should – right? If you are not sleeping in the best environment, your body isn’t recharging fully either.

What if there was a way for your body to get fully charged overnight?

What would that result in?

tired stressed exhausted better sleep recover nikken

How To Know You Got A Good Night Sleep

You wake up before your alarm goes off.  You open your eyes and you are alert and focused. You feel GREAT!! You’re ready to jump up out of bed and take on the challenges of the day! You realize your hair isn’t messed up (a result of not tossing and turning all night!) You feel recharged! More importantly, you don’t lose that charged feeling by mid-day or in the afternoon.

How Long Can Someone Go Without Sleep?

A month without food, a week without water but only 4-5 days without sleep.  If you’ve ever had one bad night sleep, you’ve experienced how it negatively affects your next day!  I would agree with the chart below that the majority value internet over sleep, water or food!

tired stressed exhausted better sleep recover nikken

Stay Healthy

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Your sleep environment can change your life.

If you sleep on a mattress that does not support your body,  you toss and turn all night, perhaps listening to the person next to you snore…your body will never be at its optimum.

Lose Weight

Do you know someone or love who has struggled with their weight all their lives?

They’ve dieted, exercised, but when they return to “regular eating” the unwanted weight returns.

They are emotionally drained and physically exhausted due to carrying this extra weight. Their body and joints constantly ache.

Perhaps this person is you.

We certainly have self-care solutions on the other pages to help with these issues in different ways;  however, these solutions may be dealing with the symptoms rather than the core issue. 

5 Letters can make ALL the difference – S-L-E-E-P……Getting a good night’s sleep is a critical component for maintaining a healthy weight.

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” Obesity and Sleep. The statistics are alarming: About 65% of Americans are now overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. … More than 15% of children from 6 to 19 years were overweight in 2000, which is three times higher than in 1980.” — National Sleep Foundation

“If you sleep 5 hours or less every night, you have a 50% likelihood of being obese”   ~ Dr. Steven Foster neuro scientist and expert on circadian rhythms

What if there was a way to crawl into your bed at night and that alone could improve your results for maintaining a healthy weight? What I’ve learned in 20 years that it isn’t only the quantity of sleep that one gets but the quality that is tremendously important.

tired stressed exhausted better sleep nikken

To recover and recuperate your body needs to maximize the time it is truly resting and getting into that DELTA – stage 4 sleep.  

If not, your body will never be at its optimum.

Suzanne’s Solution For Better Sleep

tired stressed exhausted better sleep recover nikken

The sleep system that changed my life is like a greenhouse; its an optimal environment for my body to thrive. It adds the health component to an existing mattress; addressing temperature control through our “marriage saver” quilt; providing support and enhances relaxation through its natural latex and magnetic design. By adding these health components to an existing sleeping environment you can dramatically change your life.

I wouldn’t be writing this page if it wasn’t for this sleep system!

Click the image below to visit my shop, if you have any questions feel free to contact me here.

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If there was a way to invest in your future now, for pennies a day, to improving something you do every day, would you do it?

I’m glad I did.