Better Air

Breath of Fresh Air

Come with me on a journey – climb into your car and start driving up a mountain road. Twisting and turning you go higher and higher. You are at the summit! It is a beautiful day and you can see for miles!

You open the door and what do you do??? Stand up and take a deep breath in…right??? The fresh, crisp mountain air is invigorating! Do you get that same invigorating experience if you take a deep breath in the car you drive every day? What about the air you breathe at work or in your home?

I do! Instead of my lungs being the filter for me, I have solutions to improve the air quality wherever I am… In my car, in my office, in my house, where I sleep. I didn’t realize how much it helped for instance in my bedroom until we had lost power one winter for 6 days. I noticed I wasn’t sleeping as soundly without my special air filter creating a better environment for me to sleep in!

What about Pets?

Have pets? We have 2 cats! Abby 13 and Zack – who is 21!

cats pets dander nikken asthma allergies COPD

… roaming wherever they please throughout the house.

cats pets dander nikken asthma allergies COPD

cats pets dander nikken asthma allergies COPD


During the winter months when the windows are closed, I will often find our indoor cat Abby sitting on the chair behind the air filter.

I credit our air system with providing an environment that even those with allergies to pets can stay in our house without getting stuffed up!

Just open the windows

I never thought of cleaning the air in my car… Just open the windows, right? It’s not always an option! What about those long road trips? Have you ever had trouble staying alert?

Suzanne’s Solution For Better Air

Home or away there are safe and effective solutions. When you are on the go there’s the HEPA air traveler. It’s called the traveler for a reason; it fits into a suitcase and is great for hotels, dorm rooms, RVs or any vehicle.  It keeps me alert and cleanses the air in a matter of minutes inside a vehicle or small room. For larger areas, the Kenko Air UPLA system is there to monitor the air quality and adjust itself automatically!

Click the image below to visit my shop, if you have any questions feel free to contact me here.

travel air filter HEPA COPD asthma allergies nikken

Nikken UPLA air filtration COPD asthma allergies nikken

Give your lungs a break…..they will thank you!

~ Suzanne