Welcome To Suzanne’s Solutions!

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I created Suzanne’s Solution’s to help others to feel the way they have always dreamt of feeling.

Just like what happened to me.

You may be asking yourself, “Why does this crazy lady care so much about my success?”

There are three core reasons why I decided to devote my time to this website and my passion.

  • The first is the struggles I saw my mother go through. I believe her suffering could have been prevented with what I know now.
  • The second, my return to an active life without discomfort after three years of constant agony.
  • Last, but not least was having an established additional income when I was outsourced from my 29 year corporate job.

My Mother’s Story

nikken lifestyle mom mompreneur single parent divorce

As a single mother who worked two jobs just to make ends meet, I watched how stress impacted my mother’s life and how it would ultimately take her life.

At just 46, Mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She struggled for over 2 years with the disease, until she passed away at 48 years young.

nikken lifestyle mom mompreneur single parent divorce teacher

Before the disease overwhelmed my mother, she was a dedicated special education teacher that gave tirelessly to her students.  Although outside the classroom she worried about the “financial health” of our home.

As soon as the doctor said “…Cancer” my sister and I quickly realized we needed to be her advocates.

We watched as many “mistakes” were made early on.  We received little information on prevention and how to support her body for the treatments she endured.

While watching Mom struggle with not only the disease but the treatments, I couldn’t help but notice the oncology staff not practicing what they preached.

They were engaging in poor eating habits and smoking, while telling my mother she should have steered clear of those exact activities. Makes sense, right? Definitely not.

The last words my mother would ever say as she swayed in and out of consciousness would be, “I love you” with a kiss to my hand. “I love you, too” I said back.  I knew it would be the last time I heard her voice.

Diseases such as cancer do not discriminate and no one deserves the onslaught of agony that a diagnosis and treatments bring.

This is not a sob story, this is me telling you: Your health is important. Stress can do irrevocable damage.  Please let me help you reduce stress in your life.

After Mom passed, I vowed to keep her giving spirit alive. I would not realize it until much later that this was the start of my journey towards wellness and self-care.

Everything happens for a reason!

At 24 years old, I found myself without my mother and my best friend and would soon find the real world does not hold your hand like Mom.

nikken lifestyle mom mompreneur single parent divorce teacher

My Story

In 1993, I was in a car accident and suffered a broken neck. Although I was grateful to have survived, I was in constant discomfort after my Halo came off. The persistent headaches had me going into a dark room when I got home from work each day.

nikken lifestyle solutions self care accident recovery broken neck halo fracture entrepreneur

I felt like a stranger to myself with the limited mobility that would follow.  I desperately wanted to get back to my life of gardening, hiking, and skiing, but my body would not let me.

Any attempt of my favorite activities would end in aches for days and a heavy increase in taking pills.

This severe, daily discomfort was impacting time with my husband and my family.

I was definitely not well enough for socializing in society, the stress of work and this uncomfortable way of life was not doing anything positive for my health.

To maintain a daily routine I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on massages and cranial sacral work; all helping, but not solving the underlying problems.

The Day Everything Changed

When my friend Tom got relief from a chronic back issue within 15 minutes using a rectangular pad he asked if I was open to learn more.  I thought “What do I have to lose?” I was so tired of living with constant discomfort. Due to nerve damage in my arm, I sat twisted uncomfortably staring out the window.   I hurt for that long hour and a half ride, anxious to see and learn about what had helped him.

We were introduced to unique energy products that were proven to be safe and effective. Surprisingly, within minutes, I felt something as I sat on a chair pad on their couch. I also received a 15-minute “massage” that simulated a sleeping environment.

My Circuit Breakers “Turned Back On”

Suddenly, my spine felt as if its circuit breakers sparked back to life! Energized and relaxed all at once. I found myself not hurting on the way home, sitting normally in the car for the first time in 3 years!  I also had a grin plastered on my face.

I was FINALLY getting relief. After my positive results, I knew I had to tell others that were hurting,  just like I had. You don’t have to live in pain.

nikken lifestyle solutions self care accident recovery broken neck halo fracture entrepreneur

Being Proactive

Fortunately, I shared the benefits with others and created an additional source of income over the years. I was participating in the GIG Economy, before it was even an recognized term. Surprised by a termination/outsourcing of my position in January 2017,  I am now able to devote my full attention to proactively partnering with a company who’s mission aligns with my core values and enables others to create a meaningful income. Every dollar I earn is because someone’s life has been positively impacted.

Why I Want To Help You

With my past experiences involving my mother and my own accident, I knew wellness was my calling. Had I not been through these past tragedies, I would not have been open to learning or making this my life mission.

After 20 years, I feel better than I ever have before and so do the hundreds of people who have chosen to positively change their lives with these life-changing products. I have returned to skiing, gardening and  even took up riding a motorcycle 10 years ago, something I would have never been able to do!

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